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The purpose of this page is to present a small compilation of excerpts from what others have shared about how God is blessing the ministry of personal discipleship. We hope it is a blessing to you as it has been to us.

I found disciplers.org and my life was largely impacted by your material. … while I was downloading the free material, I believe God spoke to my heart. Here was something that I could do to serve the Lord … to translate … these resources for Portuguese speaking Christians.   E.F. - Brazil 

Thank you so much, I have received a copy of the CD and we will be adopting your program in the entire church.          Z.F. - Australia 

I am a faculty member of a Bible school … and in-charge of the evangelism and discipleship program. I don't have enough materials for discipleship training. I would like to ask for a copy of your CD to help me in the discipleship program.       J.A. - Philippines 

Your website and material are absolutely fantastic. If you don't mind, I downloaded all the courses and am going to incorporate them into my discipleship course that I am running here. I have just planted this church in South India. … the material and graphic representation, creativity and content are just right for my new believers.   E.F. - India

I thank you very much for what you are doing for the body of Christ in this part of the world. You will never know how important this manual is to me and to other pastors who are going to benefit from this.  E.N. - Cameroon 

I have a small Bible School in South Africa … Till recently I used my own material and material that I received from other sources. I recently discovered your website with your lessons. I would like to use them in my Bible School. At the moment all the materials are English, but I am busy translating material in 5 other South African Languages. Can you please advise me if I may use this wonderful material of yours, … And … if I can translate the material.   L.P. - So. Africa 

Your lessons are so practical and comprehensive.   A.E. - Philippines 

I must confess that my ministry has taken a new shape because of those wonderful materials you sent to me, P.O. - Nigeria 

I‘ve gone through the CD and was deeply inspired. Moreover we have found that there are lots of new spiritual insights which are so relevant in our context too, … We … decided to adopt your Syllabus in our discipleship class teachings from this year onwards. We found your Discipleship curriculum is one of the best that we have come across.   T.R. - India 

I was searching for materials on discipleship that we can apply in our church. … after looking at the content of your materials I know your materials are what I am looking for (spiritual fathering). C.F. - Philippines 

I just wanted to give you the exciting news on how the class is going. These lessons are opening up so much understanding to everyone, and having each individual to look at themselves in light of the Word of God. … Thank you so very much.  M.J. - Florida, USA

Thank you again for the CD-ROM's of the Personal Discipleship Course. I have gone through the course myself and have found the course to be very clear and comprehensive.  It would be extremely helpful if all churches had a course like this to help their members get a clear picture of just who we are in Christ.  The course would be very helpful to the new Christian. So often today we are concerned about the salvation of the lost but somehow forget about the other part of the "great commission".....to make disciples.  To do this effectively means taking an organized approach with some specific goals in mind. Your course provides this.  ...  I plan to give the material to those in the field, encouraging them to translate the material into the local language.  Thank you again for allowing us to do this without restriction.  May God continue to bless you as you refine this excellent discipleship course and help many Christians to mature and become true "disciples" for Christ.  In Him, R.W. - USA

Greetings! I want to thank you for the materials on your web site. I have found them extremely helpful. I am a missionary in my own home country Zambia and I work with college students as well as doing Church Discipleship in my home church. I lead small groups and of course I have two students in whom I am pouring my life. Many great thanks to you and God for the 13 lessons. Appreciate all the effort into preparing them.
Appreciatively Yours,
J.M. - Zambia

My wife and I were introduced to the discipleship material in 1999 and went through the material excited about the content. When we went to seminary here we found other students (with many more classes under their belts) were hungry for this sort of teaching, because at least in the case of the school we went to, the focus on sanctification was minor compared to end-times studies and Greek & Hebrew. While those subjects were important their eyes lit up when they were shown the doctrines of sanctification in clear, easy to understand charts with Scripture after Scripture holding up the very diagrams.
My wife and I are currently discipling another couple that we've met and when we're done with them it seems that God has led some other folks to us that may join us in a study then. Hope to see your material continue to grow.

R. P. - Texas, USA

This year was a very busy one for our Discipleship program, we've seen lots of fruit. Our current class seems to be very motivated and excited about being spiritual parents.  ...  I do love discipleship and am passionate about seeing people being set free to accomplish whatever it is that God's called them to do.  I am currently disciplining 4 men myself, and some of them are beginning to disciple others. Currently we have approximately 50 people involved in Discipleship. 12 of them are Disciplers.  It looks like we are currently 5 generations deep and growing, ...  You know the numbers are great, but what I find truly incredible is the growth I've seen in some of these people in the last year.  It truly is amazing and it is because people are pouring their lives into one another. Praise God!  Anyway, I am truly thankful for what God's done in my life and your desire for discipleship played a big part in where I am today.  Thanks brother.  His Servant, T. G. - Nevada, USA

WOW!!!!!  Am I ever being blessed with the study!!!  I just finished Week 4, and I am so excited I can hardly stand it. You know our Lord is so gracious in that knowing Him through His Word will take the pain and suffering out of pain and suffering. I mean to say that even in our dark moments of this life, He is the Light ever shining Hope and Peace (which is Joy) into our hearts and life.  I can hardly wait until we begin our class here.  P. B. - Nevada, USA

Our Strategic Alliance of Ministries met yesterday in our regular monthly meeting. We discussed the translation of your 13-week course into Mexican Spanish and have a team ready to begin translation of this material. We want to proceed now as we have a lot of small group ministry this next year and want these materials to be ready to use for discipleship.
We really appreciate your work on these things. Our local church (C.C. de T.) is greatly benefiting from your materials. They are employing a reformatted version in their family groups and that is proceeding very well. 
In Christ, J. S. - Mexico

… I have been meeting with a guy named Jerry on a one-on-one basis. His desire is to be used to come alongside new believers to help them in there spiritual growth. We have met twice so far for about 3 hours each time. I know it seems like a long time, but as we come together in Christ, we have a hard time stopping when we are talking about the things of the Lord.  Jerry has told me that he does not like to read, but he has taken and read the handouts I gave him and has told me that they are really good and make a lot of sense. After discussing spiritual parenting with him, he has tried to drive me to press on the leadership of the church more to get things going, because he can see the benefit of discipleship within this church. He told me that he wished I would have been there at the time he became a believer because it would have helped him understand things, as well as avoid some common pitfalls that he fell into because nobody told him that his old nature was still there.  It is encouraging to see all that God is doing. I just need to remember to stay out of His way. …  D. D. - Ohio, USA

I just wanted to let you know that our discipleship training sessions with you have had a profound impact on the way that my husband and I minister and deal with our disciples. In times past, we were quick to address situations and behaviors and "tell" Christians (both young and old) how they should behave and react. Under your tutelage, we have come to see that it is not the behavior that needs to be addressed, but the relationship with God. As the relationship with God is steered in the right direction, behavior and reactions will change.…  Thank you again, brother. K. H. - Nevada, USA

I went through your material with Paul H. this past year and would love to utilize the resource within my YoungLife area one-on-one with College age leaders.  Thank you for your work on this material, I feel that with Paul's tutelage I gained some of my deepest insights into the foundational tenants of my faith in Christ, and in the Word!! God's continued blessings upon you, ... Focused on Jesus, G. H. - No. Carolina, USA