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Welcome to the Mentoring Tools Resources Video Training Page!

These ”Mentoring Tools" videos are provided for you to use as you seek to train yourself and other “faithful” believers who will also disciple others.

We believe that as you go through the discipleship manual “A Tool for Personal Discipleship” and watch these training videos you will:

    1. Become more familiar with the discipling process.
    2. Personally begin to disciple someone on a one-on-one basis, and become an example for others to follow.
    3. Be able to train a small group of “faithful” church members to personally disciple newer believers.
    4. Begin to include “spiritual parenting” concepts in your preaching and teaching.

Our desire is that God will make you into an effective “spiritual parent” and “trainer”, and that your life will be multiplied many times over.

…entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. (2 Tim. 2:2)
…unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone, but if it dies, it bears much fruit.
(John 12:24)

To start a teaching video or audio file, click on one of the links below. A new browser window will appear. A controller on the bottom of the screen will allow you to pause and stop the video and adjust the volume. To return to this page close the browser window. If you are new to the DTI materials we suggest you watch the videos in the order listed below.

To download a video or audio file to your hard drive, right click and "Save Link As".

(Click here to download and / or print Individual lessons.)



Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-1 Normal Christian Life (7:19)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-2 Knowing God (:57)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-3 Salvation (1:45)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-4 Spiritual Anatomy (1:15)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-5 Two Natures (4:12)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-6 Holy Spirit (2:19)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-7 Spiritual Growth (5:13)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-8 Abiding Diagrams (5:16)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-9 Abiding Principles (4:59)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-10 Abiding Verses (2:27)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-11 Today (5:14)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-12 Abiding Daily (5:00)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-13 Three Phases (3:13)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-14 Suffering (3:56)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-15 Decisions (2:23)

Phase 1 Overview Lesson 1-16 Maturity (4:37)

3 Target Groups To Find Disciples (1:42)

Phase 2 Comprehensive Video Tours

  • Lesson 2-1 Comprehensive Ten Reasons (Part 1) (18:25)
  • Lesson 2-1 Comprehensive Ten Reasons (Part 2) (23:27)
  • Lesson 2-1 Comprehensive Ten Reasons (Part 3) (18:14)

  • Lesson 2-2 Comprehensive Discipleship (Part 1) (16:28)
  • Lesson 2-2 Comprehensive Discipleship (Part 2) (25:28)
  • Lesson 2-2 Comprehensive Discipleship (Part 3) (22:08)

  • Comprehensive Growing New Believers (Part 1) (16:28)

    Phase 3 Comprehensive Video Tours

  • Lesson 3-16 Comprehensive Ephesians 4-5 (Part 1) (18:15)
  • Lesson 3-16 Comprehensive Ephesians 4-5 (Part 2) (13:24)

    Bonus Audio Teaching

  • Art Barkley Radio Interview Art discussed discipleship on radio station KNIS (Carson City, NV) on January 30, 2007 (18:33)
    The Key To A Victorious Christian Life Art discusses the importance of discipleship in helping believers understand their two Natures and how abiding is critical to avoid living a defeated Christian life. (5:08)