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Members of DTI started a 16 week “Equipping the Saints” class for Crosspointe Church in Largo, Florida. Join us as we come alongside new believers and mentor them using the DTI manual, A Tool for Personal Discipleship.

Join our live Tuesday sessions at 5:30 PM EST, United States through November 21, 2017.

Click the DTI Live icon to learn more.

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Spiritual maturity is typically graded on a curve. If you're in a church and everybody is very immature and you're just a "little" immature don't you feel good about yourself? You say, "I'm ahead of those guys." The apostle Paul said, "those that compare themselves with themselves or others are foolish."

There's a danger in "grading on the curve".

Watch the video to see why.

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Church attendance doesn't thrill God. A transformed heart is what Thrills God!

Watch this video that discusses how many believers are living behavior before other people, NOT before God.

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Many believers don't know where they are spiritually. Why?

New believers are not being spiritually mentored right at the beginning of their Christian life and they don't know what they are supposed to be doing.

If God has a purpose for every Christian why are so many living in the "Spiritual Desert"?

Watch the Video for a solution.

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WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn about DTI

• Free discipleship lessons to help every Christian grow to Spiritual Maturity and Fruitfulness

• Leader training resources

• Redefining Discipleship

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God desires for me to grow in my understanding of Him and wants to transform my thinking so that I increasingly view life from His perspective.

How do we do this?

Click the video icon to the right.
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Watch this example of the Natural World
to help understand Spiritual Truths.
Click the video icon to the right.

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The character of God is extremely important because every person is going to look at God as either good, bad, or somewhere in between.

How you view God is going to impact how you view life.

This video addresses the importance of our focus to be on God.

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Why do we devote 18 years to raising our children, but don't even spend six months with a new Christian?

As a result our churches are filled with immature believers.


Watch the video to see the solution.

Watch DTI Training Live

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Watch Live, DTI teach the "Equipping The Saints" Class every Tuesday at 5:30 PM EST....

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Redefining Discipleship

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The Body of Christ is not having the impact on the world that we desire....

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What is Personal Discipleship?

What is Personal Discipleship

PARTIAL TRUTH: To most Christians the term “Discipleship” simply equates to presenting Biblical truth...

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Are You A Typical Modern Church Congregation?

5 Biblical Concepts Every Believer Needs to Know


Use this tool to help you diagnose the spiritual maturity level of your mentee.

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New to DTI? Start Here

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Start here if you're new to DTI and not sure where or how to begin mentoring another believer.

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Christian Life Overview

Christian Life Overview

As the Christian acquires Biblical concepts and knowledge we want to help them to mentally connect the pieces to God's overall plan for their life.....

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Watch DTI Live - Tuesday's at 5:30 PM EST Frank and Jeannette Meitz from DTI started a 16 week “Equipping the Saints” class for Crosspointe Church in Largo, Florida. The purpose of the class is to prepare and equip the faithful men and women who have a desire to come alongside new believers...
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