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Isn’t a Spiritual Gift needed to disciple?

| Frank Meitz

MISCONCEPTION: There is a common misconception that the average Christian cannot effectively mentor another believer unless they are “spiritually gifted.” We don’t believe there is scriptural basis for that belief.

​REALITY: Most Christians correctly believe that they should be available to the Lord to be a witness to the unsaved, even though there is not a “witnessing” gift. Likewise, there is not a “discipling” gift.

This misconception can be a convenient rationale to excuse the lack of discipleship, but it has no scriptural basis. Church leadership ought to convey to congregations that every Christian should be available to the Holy Spirit as a witness and a spiritual mentor.


The 4's

| Frank Meitz

I recently found a hand-written 3X5 card with two sets of 4 (Steps to Sin versus Sources of Peace), one on each side of the card.

The image of the mirror with each set reflecting each other is both, a source of anxiety and contentment all at the same time.


| Frank Meitz

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DTI Devotionals on YouVersion

| Frank Meitz

behavior youversion image

This 6-day devotional is designed to help all believers see life more from God's perspective. Click here to go to this devotional.


This 6-day devotional will explore underlying Biblical principles that can propel believers to make right choices. Click here to go to this devotional.

What’s Your Strategy for Spiritual Vitality?

| Frank Meitz

George Barna (of the Barna Group) in his book Maximum Faith: Live Like Jesus* details the results of a long-term research project, describing a ten-stop journey that produces robust life transformation and why most people struggle to pass the half-way mark. He observed that people are pretty random – not intentional – about their efforts to experience God-driven transformation. (

Watch the video below where Jeannette Meitz from DTI reviews the 10 Steps of Transformation to become more like Jesus, with excellent comments and insights.