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May 21 2022 By
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MISCONCEPTION: There is a common misconception that the average Christian cannot effectively mentor another believer unless they are “spiritually gifted.” We don’t believe there is scriptural basis for that belief. ​REALITY: Most Christians correctly believe that they should be available to the Lord to be…
November 10 2021 By
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I recently found a hand-written 3X5 card with two sets of 4 (Steps to Sin versus Sources of Peace), one on each side of the card. The image of the mirror with each set reflecting each other is both, a source of anxiety and contentment…
July 18 2021 By
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This 6-day devotional is designed to help all believers see life more from God's perspective.  Click here to go to this devotional.   This 6-day devotional will explore underlying Biblical principles that can propel believers to make right choices.  Click here to go to this devotional.
June 16 2021 By
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George Barna (of the Barna Group)  in his book Maximum Faith: Live Like Jesus* details the results of a long-term research project, describing a ten-stop journey that produces robust life transformation and why most people struggle to pass the half-way mark. He observed that people are pretty…
April 02 2021 By
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Jesus is not a sad victim of a fallen world or a victim of a gruesome plot. Good Friday is not a tragedy but a triumph. The perfect plan that God set in motion in the Garden of Eden is now finally coming to fulfillment.…
January 16 2021 By
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Pick any believer in any church and they will either see God as their master or God as their partner. They will see themselves as fitting into God's plan or they will see God fitting into their plan. This is why we need spiritual mentoring…
September 18 2020 By
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How do I discern what God’s will is for me, so that I make choices and decisions that align with His perspective, rather than trusting in my human understanding, resulting in decisions that are less than His best for me?
September 08 2020 By
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June 25 2020 By
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Below is taken from the YouVersion Bible app plan, "The Bible in One Year with Nick Gumbel" (Day 175) with my commentary inserted (in italics).
May 11 2020 By
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  Have you given up mentoring because you can’t meet in person? This article will give ideas, tips and tools for navigating the new virtual “normal.“
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