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July 12 2018 By
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Have you wished the DTI manual “A Tool for Personal Discipleship” could be read with your phone or tablet? Well, now that is a reality! AND it includes video and audio snippets of additional explanations and thoughts. DTI App now available! (Phase 1 only thus…
April 16 2018 By
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Our vision for the DTI ministry is to be useful to the Lord to effectively provide discipleship resources and encouragement to the multitude of individuals, churches and ministries worldwide, who desire to put discipleship principles (spiritual mentoring) into practice. The Lord has made me aware…
December 18 2017 By
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Unfortunately the American church is not having much impact on the world because the emphasis in the American church is on evangelism and getting people saved. Therefore most believers know they're going to heaven but for the most part many are left on their own…
October 07 2017 By
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The section titled “Access” in lesson 1-7 (Lordship and Surrender) is intended to draw the contrast between the believer who gives God access to their entire life versus a believer who allows God access only to parts of their life. You can see the lesson…
June 26 2017 By
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The USA celebrated Father's Day on June 18. The following was read at Crosspointe Church in Largo, Florida on Father's Day reminding us all that there is a true and great need in our world not only for physically present men, but also for spiritually…
June 02 2017 By
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This is Part 2 of our discussion on gauging the spirituality of Christian Congregations. Now we will compare the “common” perspective to the “Biblical” perspective” of gauging spirituality. How do you as a church leader gauge the spirituality of your congregation? We would suggest that…
June 02 2017 By
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This is Part One of a two part discussion on gauging the spirituality of Christian Congregations. What is the measure of spirituality in the typical American church? How do we measure spirituality? If we make the statement that spiritual maturity is typically graded on a…
February 10 2017 By
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Have you felt the Lord’s conviction you that you should be investing in the life of a new(er) believer? Great! But, you might have questions about what a personal “spiritual mentoring” relationship looks like. Let’s take a look at how the DTI Manual and the…
February 02 2017 By
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In the aftermath of our just completed 11th conference in Cuba we ask the following question. How do we measure the success of a discipleship conference?  Over the years we have heard various Cuban leaders lamenting about the all too common problem when other ministries enter…
January 05 2017 By
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Q. Our church has been reviewing the DTI ‘Tool For Personal Discipleship” for some time now and would like to start implementing Phase 1 with the Spiritual Mentoring process you promote; discipling believers one-on-one. Do you suggest the mentor cover all of the Phase 1…
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