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Lordship and why it needs to be explained immediately to a new believer

January 16 2021 By
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Pick any believer in any church and they will either see God as their master or God as their partner. They will see themselves as fitting into God's plan or they will see God fitting into their plan. This is why we need spiritual mentoring immediately when a person accepts the Lord - to help them understand the principal of Lordship.


Simply put, God wants to manage my life. Is that hard to understand? Is it hard to understand that God wants to manage my life and He has a plan for my life?

Typically, new believers do not have a problem with Lordship. Why? Because they have just come to the bottom of the barrel. There is nowhere but up. They realize that they were on their way to hell. They have messed up, and God has saved them, and they are nothing. Maybe they lost everything before they came to the Lord. Now you tell them you've made a mess of your life, but God has forgiven you and God has a plan your life and He wants to manage it. That’s GOOD news!


New believers are open to Lordship but older believers are resistant to Lordship. Typically, the way God breaks down this resistance is through crisis. Take a believer that has been in jail or learns they have cancer and they are immediately open to the concept of Lordship.

Sometimes older believers who come to the “end of the rope” say, “I've been a Christian for 15 years and something is missing”, and they reach out to God and ask Him to now manage their life. And the Lord says “I've been waiting 15 years to hear you say that.”


Let’s compare King David and King Saul.

King David messed up, but God was in control of his life. King Saul, however, didn't mess up as much as King David but God was not in control of his life. And we know who’s star is on the flag of Israel.


So, let’s say that you realize that God needs to be in control of your life. Having realized that, now you need to know how to abide.

Many Christians will acknowledge the Lordship of Christ over their life but if they don't know how to abide, they will not be a healthy Christian. In other words, you may see God as your master but if you don't know how to cooperate with Him in your personal growth, you will struggle in your Christian walk.

Just last week I heard it said of a believer of many years, “I always thought that God wants me to do my best and when I can’t manage, or I can't cope then I call on Hiom. No one ever told me that God wants to be the One that manages my life. I just thought He wanted me to behave "correctly!”

And this occurs because no one has ever told them (this truth).

That is why DTI exists – To equip faithful men and women to explain biblical truths to all believers, but especially new believers, so that they don’t wander in the Spiritual Desert.


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