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An Overview of, "A Tool for Personal Discipleship"

Training Disciplers to help every Christian grow to Maturity and Fruitfulness in Christ.

There are some foundational principles that all believers, especially newer believers, need to understand.

I think most church leaders would agree that the Body of Christ is not having the impact on the world that we would desire. There are a myriad of reasons that can be put forth as to why the Church is not more spiritually healthy.

We believe that wherever believers gather, "Balanced" Discipleship should be practiced. In other words, both "Corporate" and "Personal" discipleship are needed for healthy spiritual growth.

We believe that "Personalized Discipleship" is the missing ingredient for producing healthy spiritual growth in the Church. The Apostle Paul presents a model for "Spiritual Parenting" in 1 Thess. 2:3-13(see also Lesson 2-2)

A layout of the manual and suggested guidelines for discipling others.

Helps you determine, based on your "role," how to begin using "A Tool For Personal Discipleship" and its extensive curriculum.

"Understanding the Christian Life"

This lesson will help me understand a practical overview of the Normal Christian Life and to help me mentally connect the pieces to God's overall plan for my life.

God desires for me to grow in my understanding of Him and wants to gradually transform my understanding of Him so that I increasingly view life from His perspective because a godly perspective produces godly behavior.

Like physical birth, spiritual birth is the entrance into a new life. This lesson will explain some things that happen to a believer at conversion.

Mankind is a unique creation of God, set apart from the rest of His creation. People alone have been given a "spirit", through which they can know God.

This lesson is to help clarify the events which have led to my present condition as a believer having two natures.

Many believers perceive the Holy Spirit to be an influence or a force that pushes them toward a good. In reality, we need to think of the Holy Spirit as a person that we can interact with.

"True surrender is not simply surrender of our external life but surrender of our will - and once that is done, surrender is complete.

Diagrams of the Two Natures and Abiding

"To Abide" simply refers to the moment-by-moment experience of walking in harmony with the Holy Spirit without any "unresolved offenses" that are disrupting that communion.

Some principles and verses related to Abiding in the Spirit

God wants me to be free from the burden of "unresolved issues" of the PAST or the FUTURE, allowing Him freedom to produce His fruit through my life.

This lesson should help me understand my continual interaction with my two competing natures, and how that impacts my daily relationship with the Lord.

The Three Major Phases of the Christian life

Every circumstance, even those that appear insignificant, whether good or bad, pass through God's permissive will.

"God will always give the very best to those who leave the choice with Him"

My level of spiritual maturity is the degree to which God's perspective of life has become my perspective.

"Discipler Training"

Ten Reasons why Personal Discipleship is needed

Addresses the question, "What is Personal Discipleship?"

Some thoughts on how New Believers grow spiritually

Addresses the question, "What is a Biblical Disciple?"

Guidelines For Discipling Others

Discussion Points related to Discipleship

"Amplified Discipleship Concepts"

An "Overview" of the Christian Life

A summarized review of the Christian Life

The Concept of "Lordship"

Several Human Predispositions that need to be understood

How the Christian community is divided into Two Camps

The Israelite Journey as an Analogy to the Christian Journey

Some verses and principles related to the concept of Lordship

The 3 Areas of my life that need to be surrendered

Discussion Points related to Salvation, the Two Natures, and Lordship

The Concept of "Abiding"

How a Christian interacts with the Holy Spirit and the Human Nature

A lesson from Joshua 7 on Abiding, Confession, and Restoration

Some thoughts on Abiding from John 15

The Son is our Model for Continual Abiding

A diagram and some verses of the Christian as a Temple of God

The Judgment Seat of Christ

A Theological study on the Judgment Seat of Christ

Discussion Points related to Abiding and The Bema Seat

"Christian Living"

Contrasts between Walking in the Spirit and Walking in the Flesh


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