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Introduction and Assessment

An overview of how the DTI manual is arranged and how to use the two diagnostic tools to help you as the mentor discern the spiritual maturity level of the mentee and possible gaps in their understanding.


Intro 1 The DTI Mission Statement

Discipler Training International, a non-denominational discipleship ministry, provides free discipleship resources for training disciplers (spiritual mentors) to help every Christian grow in spiritual maturity (Colossians 1:28), spiritual fruitfulness (John 15:8) and spiritual reproduction. (2 Timothy 2:2). Listen as Art Barkley discusses how DTI can assist churches in reaching these goals. 

Intro-1 Our Mission Statement (4:16 min.)


Intro-3 The Need for Balanced Discipleship

We think most church leaders would agree that the Body of Christ is not having the impact on the world that we would desire. There are a myriad of reasons that can be put forth as to why the Church is not more spiritually healthy.

At a seminar, the following statement was made: “The system you have in place is perfectly designed for the results you are getting”. We believe that the Church has strayed from God’s model for spiritual growth.

The typical church has been successful in providing what we refer to as “Corporate Discipleship”, which is an essential element for healthy individual spiritual growth, as well as for healthy church growth.

However, we believe there is another element that is essential to normal healthy spiritual growth, which we refer to as “Personal Discipleship”. 

Intro-3 The Need For Balanced Discipleship (5:11 min.)


Intro-4 The Course Timeline

The DTI discipleship manual is divided into three Phases. Phase 1 is what you would present to a new believer to help them to understand how to walk with the Holy Spirit, how to follow God, and what the Christian life is all about. Phase 2 is the philosophy of discipleship; why disciple, what is the disciple, and how to disciple. Phase 3 is a continuation of Phase 1, what we call amplified discipleship concepts. 

Intro-4 How the Manual is configured (2:56 min.)


Assessment-1 - 5 Biblical Concepts Every Believer Needs to Know

As you begin the spiritual mentoring process with a disciple, use the 5 Concepts Every New Believer Needs to Understand to help diagnose the spiritual maturity level of the believer. It will help you determine gaps in their understanding moving forward using Phase 1. 

5 Biblical Concepts Every Believer Needs to Know (5:35 min.)

Assessment-2 - Where Am I As A Christian?

Many believers don't know where they are spiritually. This diagnostic tool is intended to help mentors and mentees evaluate where they are in relation to four "spiritual catagories."  Pastors and Leaders can also " look" out at their congeration, and discern, based on the qualities listed who might need spiritual mentoring and who might best be a spiritual mentor. The lesson is located in the Assessment section of the DTI manual. Or, download this lesson in PDF format.

Where Am I As A Christian Overview (3:15 min.)


Where Am I As A Christian Group #1 (7:06 min.)


Where Am I As A Christian Group #2 (1:10 min.)


Where Am I As A Christian Group #3 (4:09 min.)


Where Am I As A Christian Group #4 (1:28 min.)

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