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DTI is a 501(c)3 ministry providing free discipleship
resources for training disciplers to disciple others



Frank and Jeannette Meitz started a 16 week “Equipping the Saints” class for a church in Largo, Florida. The purpose of the class is to prepare and equip the faithful men and women who have a desire to come alongside new believers and mentor them using the DTI manual, A Tool for Personal Discipleship.

These videos were recorded live at the church's administrative office.

Discussing Sunday’s Sermon during a DTI Spiritual mentoring session

This video is a training tool to help those discipling see how easy it is to tie-in the topics discussed on Sunday morning to the weekly spiritual mentoring sessions and the importance of helping the mentee apply the DTI lessons to living the “normal” Christian life.  

Session #8 Lesson 1-7 (Part 2)

Frank Meitz finishes up lesson 1–7 on Lordship and Surrender primarily focusing on the reasons why a disciple would not give God full access to all the areas of their life. We discuss several reasons why that would be true and then we go through the rooms of the house diagram.  

Session #11 Lesson 1-9 & 1-10

Frank & Jeannette finish up lesson 1-9 discussing spiritual symptoms and how these symptoms quite often reveal unresolved issues between me and the Lord affecting our fellowship. They then finish up with lesson 1-10, verses related to abiding.  

Session #12 Lesson 1-11

Lesson 1-11 helps us to diagnose whether there are unresolved issues in our past that inhibit us from abiding with the Lord in the present or if we have anxiety about the future that can cause a break in fellowship today. 

Session #13 Lesson 1-12

Lesson 1-12 is a very important review lesson. The diagram that Frank covers contains concepts from the previous 11 lessons in Phase 1. He discusses the two paths a believer can take after the salvation decision. The lower path which leads to the spiritual desert or the upper path, the Normal Christian Life, which leads to the Spiritual promised Land experience. 

Interview With Jessica

Frank Meitz interviews Jessica Craig from Reno, NV who was discipled by Jeannette Meitz before the Meitz' moved to Florida. Jessica was visiting and wanted to share her experiences of the DTI one-on-one spiritual mentoring process as encouragement for others who might not know how to start the process. 

Session #14 Lesson 1-14

Hardships, Suffering & God's Sovereignty. You cannot separate God's sovereignty from hardships, otherwise the hardships are random occurrences. But for the believer, everything that comes into my life is first "filtered" through God's hands. Meaning there is a reason for everything. 

Session #15 Lesson 1-15

Making Right Choices - How do we as believers make choices based on God's will? It's like a pyramid, building blocks that eventually lead to good decisions. Frank Meitz leads the group through Lesson 1-15 discovering these building blocks.