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Phase 1 - Understanding the Christian Life

Foundational concepts and principles to be used in the mentoring process, focusing on inward transformation and the heart attitude rather than behavior manipulation.


Lesson 1-1 Abbreviated Overview of the “Normal” Christian Life

Lesson 1-1 is a practical overview of the Normal Christian life. We visualize the Christian life as a picture - as a box top for a jig-saw puzzle. We want to help you mentally connect the puzzle “pieces” (Biblical Truths) to God's overall plan for your life.

The Spiritual Mentor may also find “gaps” in the understanding of the mentee that will help determine the pace of future lessons. 

 1-1 Part 1 of 2 (11:18 min.)

1-1 Part 2 of 2 (9:46 min.)


Lesson 1-2 Knowing God

This lesson asks the question, what is spiritual maturity? In the video you'll learn that spiritual maturity is the degree that God has been able to change your thinking to see life from His perspective. Spiritual maturity is not how well you're behaving or how many good things you're doing or how much of the Bible you're reading or how often you go to church or anything else. Spiritual maturity is how much do you see life from God's perspective. (Romans 12:1-2)

This lesson covers four main areas: 1) My Attitude, 2) God's Word, 3) Prayer, 4) Corporate Gatherings.

1-2 Point 1 (8:48 min.)

Point #1 asks the question, what is spiritual maturity? In the video you'll learn that spiritual maturity is the degree that God has been able to change your thinking to see life from His perspective. Spiritual maturity is not how well you're behaving or how many good things you're doing or how much of the Bible you're reading or how often you go to church or anything else. Spiritual maturity is how much do you see life from God's perspective.

1-2 Point 2 Part 1 of 2 (5:30 min.)

Point 2 discusses God’s Word, the Bible. Be aware of the importance of allowing the Lord to speak to us through His Word because as He speaks to us through His word He's pushing us towards the truth. The Bible is the truth and as you allow it the truth will impact your mind. He is moving us towards the absolute truth, whereas anything else in this world will try to push us away from the truth.

1-2 Point 2 Part 2 of 2 (5:48 min.)

This video continues to help the disciple understand the nuances of reading the Bible. For example, is the idea to just spend some time in the Bible and then go on about your business? That's not the way to look at our time in the Bible. God wants us to ponder, contemplate, meditate on the things that He wants to speak to us about. It's not something that comes naturally though. We are told to let the Word of Christ dwell within us.

1-2 Point 3 Part 1 of 3 (5:38 min.)

Point 3 is about our prayer life with God. As we think about prayer we need a balance. On one hand we have an awesome God who created the universe and at the other extreme we have a God who wants to be personally involved in every part of our life. To have the right balance we don't want to take God for granted. We want to come to God with reverence, but not in a mechanical sense. Think about this: God keeps every atom of every single piece of His creation in place and yet at the same time that same God is interested in the minute details of our lives.

1-2 Point 3 Part 2 of 3 (6:00 min.)

Continuing our discussion on prayer. Proverbs 3:5-6 says to "acknowledge or include God" in your decision making process. So prayer can be continual. Continually include Him in all our ways. To acknowledge Him means to include Him by saying, "God I want your input." Include God in our moment by moment decision making process. God wants us to have this habit of including Him.

1-2 Point 3 Part 3 of 3 (6:22 min.)

Prayer includes adoration, thanksgiving, praise, confession, reconciliation, forgiveness, supplications, requests for personal needs, requests for the needs of others and intercession. We should reflect on that on a frequent basis. Prayer is just not saying I need, I need, I need. There are other things that God wants us to be concerned with beyond our "gimme" attitude.

1-2 Inward Transformation NOT Behavior Manipulation (4:57 min.)

This is a supplemental video for Lesson 1-2. A believer’s level of spiritual maturity is the degree to which the Holy Spirit has been able to change their inward value system in His direction. Many believers are very good at manipulating their behavior to “appear” to behave correctly, but NOT allowing God to transform their thinking which will produce the behavior that is pleasing to Him. This video reveals the correlation between how many parents discipline their children and how many believers manipulate their behavior to "appear" good.


Lesson 1-3 Salvation Principles

The Christian life should not be based just around salvation but on Christ.  Salvation is just the entrance into the Christian life.  This lesson provides some basic concepts concerning salvation such as: Mercy & Grace, God's Principle of Substitution, and the difference between "Christianity and Religion".

1-3 Points 1-2 (4:09 min)

1-3 Points 3-6 (9:15 min)


Lesson 1-4 The Spiritual Anatomy of a Christian

This lesson is a transition lesson describing the "circle inside of a circle" which will be used in many future lessons. We want the new believer to see the interactivity of the spirit, soul and body and at the same time realize they have different functions.


Lesson 1-5 My Human Nature & God's Divine Nature

This lesson is intended to help clarify the events which have led to our present condition of the believer having two natures. We provide a description of God's nature and how the "enemy" wants to distort it. It's important to focus on God's Character and the Scripture verses in this lesson because as you spiritually mentor a believer, you will constantly fall back on this lesson, and revisit God's character, and why you can trust Him. 

1-5 Page 1 Diagram Explanation (1:52 min.)

Lesson 1-5 Point 1 God's Character (5:29 min.)

Lesson 1-5 Points 2-3 (7:55 min.)

Lesson 1-5 Points 4-7 (6:14 min.)

Lesson 1-5 Points 8-10 (6:10 min.)


Lesson 1-6 How To Relate to The Holy Spirit

As you disciple a new believer you have introduced them to the two natures and helped them to understand that they have their old nature they inherited from Adam and the Divine new nature from God in the person of the Holy Spirit.   Now we want to introduce the disciple to the personality of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is a person.

Lesson 1-6 Intro & Point 1 (4:33 min.)


1-6 Point 2 (4:13 min.)

1-6 Points 4-6 (5:23 min.)

1-6 Points 7-8 (4:51 min.)

1-6 Point 9 (1:15 min.)


Lesson 1-7 Lordship and Surrender

 The purpose of  this lesson is to help the new believer understand the importance of making a Lordship decision.  That is the decision to acknowledge His Lordship in my life.  To see the Lord as the one that is in charge of my life.

For additional teaching videos on Lordship see lesson 2-4 by clicking here.

1-7 #1 - Lordship and Surrender - Diagram Overview (4.52 min.)

1-7 #2 A Step by Step Discussion of Page 1 Diagram (Part 1) (7:53 min.)

1-7 #3 A Step by Step Discussion of Page 1 Diagram (Part 2) (9:10 min.)

1-7 #4 - Consider Surrender (3:11 min.)

1-7 #5 - The Abnormal Christian Life (6:20 min.)

1-7 #6 - Why don’t we allow God access? (1:58 min.)

1-7 #7 - Is it reasonable to NOT trust God? (5:56 min.)

1-7 #8 - The Rooms of My "House" (5:22 min.)

1-7 #9 - The Hall Closet - Is Jesus my LORD and not just my Savior? (3:36 min.)

Lesson 1-8 Review of Our Two Natures

 This lesson is a review of our two natures and looks at our four spiritual conditions. Either walking in the flesh or walking in the Spirit.

1-8 Point 1 (3:08 min.)

1-8 Points 2-3 (6:57 min.)

1-8 Point 4 (3:55 min.)


Lesson 1-9 Abiding Principles to Help Me Maintain Fellowship With The Lord

 Why is it so important for me to abide?  We are vessels and it's the treasure that's in the vessel that is important.  We ourselves have nothing to offer but what we can do.  As we are abiding His living water can flow through our lives.

1-9 Introduction to Abiding (7:20 min.)

1-9 The Condition of “Abiding” VS. The Condition of “Not Abiding” (6:59 min.)

1-9 Why Is It Important For Me to Abide? (6:09 min.)

1-9 Abiding Dimension of Width (6:42 min.)

1-9 Abiding Dimension of Height (3:35 min.)

1-9 Abiding Dimension of Depth (3:27 min.)

1-9 Symptoms of NOT Abiding Part 1 (10:44 min.)

1-9 Symptoms of NOT Abiding Part 2 (3:30 min.)

1-9 Misconceptions (6:17 min.)


Lesson 1-10 Verses and Illustrations Relating to Abiding

In John 15, Jesus is depicted as the vine and I as a Christian am the branch and the Holy Spirit produces the fruit.  The main point is that the believer is simply a vessel or conduit through which the light flows.

1-10 (7:58 min.)


Lesson 1-11 Abiding Today, The Present, This Moment

 God wants me to be free from the burden of unresolved issues of the past or the future allowing Him freedom to produce fruit in my life.   If I'm not abiding with the Holy Spirit, why not?

1-11 Intro and Point 1a (4:46 min.)

1-11 Points 1b-1f (5:59 min.)

1-11 Points 2a-b1 (8:35 min.)

1-11 Points 2b3 Growth (4:21 min.)

1-11 Points 3a (7:22 min.)

1-11 Points 3b-d (7:22 min.)


Lesson 1-12 Living Daily In (or out of) Fellowship With The Lord

 This lesson is an overview of concepts previously covered in Phase 1. We want to help believers to understand their continual interaction with the two natures, and how that impacts their daily relationship with the Holy Spirit.

1-12 Diagram Overview Part 1 (3:23 min.)

1-12 Diagram Overview Part 2 (3:23 min.)

1-12 Diagram Overview Part 3 (1:43 min.)

1-12 Abiding Discussion (16:45 min.)


Lesson 1-13 The 3 Major Phases of the Christian Life

 In this lesson we review the principles of Salvation, Lordship, Abiding and His Fruit produced through me. The 2nd part of this lesson is a true story of "Vera" that illustrates the principles reviewed in Part 1.

1-13 (11:09 min.)


Lesson 1-14 Hardships, Suffering & God's Sovereignty

 One of the main purposes of this lesson is to present the idea that God allows suffering in this life for Christians.  Many Christians begin the Christian life with the idea that now that I'm saved there is no more suffering.  We're attempting to present a balanced view of suffering.  We want to help Christians to understand that suffering is a normal part of the Christian life.  We are to learn through suffering.

1-14 Part 1 of 3 (22:42 min.)

1-14 Part 2 of 3 (23:37 min.)

1-14 Part 3 of 3 (19:37 min.)


Lesson 1-15 Making Right Choices, Discerning God's Will

 God will always give the very best to those who leave the choice with Him.

1-15 Part 1 of 3 (21:36 min.)

1-15 Part 2 of 3 (18:58 min.)

1-15 Part 3 of 3 (17:10 min.)


Lesson 1-16 Christian Maturity

 Growing in Spiritual Maturity refers to the process in which the Holy Spirit transforms my spiritual understanding (values, priorities) in order to increase the flow of His life (His Living Water) through me. As more of His life is free to flow through me, there will be an ever-increasing measure of His spiritual fruit in my life.

1-16 Part 1 of 2 (21:36 min.)

1-16 Part 2 of 2 (21:18 min.)