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Phase 3 Amplified Discipleship Concepts

Lessons to deepen understanding of the Phase 1 lessons.

Lesson 3-5 Lordship Principles

This lesson will help to reinforce and provide further understanding of my decision to acknowledge His Lordship over my life, and recognize Christ as my Master. We covered Lordship in Lesson 1-7.

3-5 Introduction (2:08 min.)

3-5 Point 2 God's ownership of me is an actual fact!(1:27 min.)

3-5 Point 4 Salvation speaks of a foundation, Jesus Christ, upon who I will build on. (1:31 min.)

3-5 Point 5 As a disciple, I should allow the Holy Spirit access to every area of my being. (1:21 min.)

3-5 Point 8 God expects those things I value to be yielded to His Lordship. (1:36 min.)

3-5 Point 12a Terminology that describes Lordship - The marriage convenant. (1:59 min.)

3-5 Point 12d Terminology that describes Lordship - The car illustration. (1:10 min.)

3-5 Point 12e Terminology that describes Lordship - Illustration of two doors. (2:04 min.)

3-5 Point 13 My life can be catagorized into three areas. (2:06 min.)


Lesson 3-6 Lesson 3-6 God Was at Work in 3 Areas of Job’s Life

The story of Job is often presented with an emphasis on “suffering and patience.” We believe the greater lesson is one of “how God molds His children.” This series of videos looks at the three area that God allowed Job to suffer in and looks at Job's responses and the way in which Elihu tries to restor Job as described in Galatians 6:1-2, which is a model for how we are to help restore other believers when we see them out of abiding fellowship with the Lord.

3-6 Part 1 The 3 "Areas" of our Lives (3:01 min.)

We can divide our lives into three distinct categories. 1) Time 2) Energy 3) Possessions. These three areas of my life is where I need to yield my independence and acknowledge His Lordship authority.

3-6 Part 2 God's Sovereignty Examples (3:47 min.)

Art & Toni Barkley share how the response of two different believers differs towards God's Sovereiginity

3-6 Job Part 3 Points 1-6 (5:46 min.)

We look at how God puts a "Hedge of Protection" around each believer and only allows The Enemy permission into each "Area" by degrees.

3-6 Part 4 Points 8-9 (5:26 min.)

God reveals to Job, the true reason why he allowed calamity to come into his life - Because Job had a distorted view of his own "goodness" based on his human understanding.

3-6 Job Part 5 Restoration to Abiding FellowshipLesson (1:47 min.)

The way in which Elihu gently and humbly pointed out Job’s error is a worthy example of Galatians 6:1-2, where the Lord instructs us: Brothers, if someone is caught in any wrongdoing, you who are spiritual should restore such a person with a gentle spirit, watching out for yourselves so you also won’t be tempted. Carry one another’s burdens; in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. (Gal. 6:1-2)


Lesson 3-8 My "Old Self" and My "New Self" Walking in the Spirit

This lesson uses Ephesians 4 & 5 where the Apostle Paul is making a contrast between walking in the flesh to walking in the Spirit.This lesson addresses the topic of how to grow new believers. 

Lesson 3-8 Part 1 of 2 (18:15 min.)

Lesson 3-8 Part 2 of 2 (13:24 min.)


Lesson 3-11 Jesus, God's Son, is our Model for Continual Abiding

This lesson looks at how Jesus was always abiding with His Father, and Jesus is our model on how to continualy abide with Him.;

Lesson 3-11 Introduction (2:21 min.)

Lesson 3-11 Point 1 (1:19 min.)

Lesson 3-11 Point 2 (1:32 min.)

Lesson 3-11 Points 3-4 (1:08 min.)

Lesson 3-11 Point 5 (1:32 min.)


Lesson 3-12 Abiding Analogy Using the Temple

In Lesson 1-4 we used the body, soul and spirit to depict the human anatomy. The “circle inside of the circle” is one way to depict the human anatomy. In this lesson we focus on the Temple and the spiritual truths and “types” that are built into the Temple that are an analogy of our spiritual life.

Lesson 3-12 Abiding Column Description (3:28 min.)

Lesson 3-12 NOT Abiding Column Description (2:08 min.)

Lesson 3-12 Temple Analogy Symptoms of not abiding (2:34 min.)

Lesson 3-12 Point 1 (:49 min.)

Lesson 3-12 Point 2 (1:17 min.)

Lesson 3-12 Point 3 (:38 min.)

Lesson 3-12 Point 4 (1:23 min.)

Lesson 3-12 Point 5 (1:52 min.)