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Making Right Choices, Discerning God's Will

| Frank Meitz

How do I discern what God’s will is for me, so that I make choices and decisions that align with His perspective, rather than trusting in my human understanding, resulting in decisions that are less than His best for me?

When making a decision, I must first honestly determine if I REALLY want to know God’s will, or would I rather make the decisions, and then ask Him to bless / approve my plans?

As I trust God to reveal His plans to me, I should consider the UNDERLYING PRINCIPLES that are critical foundational steps leading me to discern His direction, and not just make a “T-Chart” of the pros and cons, or take a poll for advice from all my friends!

In this devotional we will explore discerning God’s will as a pyramid with five underlying principles to help me make right choices and discern God’s will, making sure the foundation of my decision-making is HIM and not me.

"God will always give the very best to those who leave the choice with Him"

Here is the link to the YouVersion devotional. In the Bible app, under "plans" you can search using DTI as the search criteria.