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Praise from Vangi Munchinsky in Saskatoon

| Frank Meitz

"God is still at work in my life and in the lives of my church family. At our recent Discipleship Sunday, many came forward requesting one-on-one mentoring in response to powerful testimonies about being mentored using DTI.

Lisa H. talked about the darkness she was in before she was saved, and how I offered to disciple her."

Having a spiritual mentor and doing these discipleship lessons has honestly changed my life. As a fairly new Christian, I am learning how to put off my old life and put on the new life. I am learning that I have to die to self and be made new in Christ. I understand now what it really means to surrender to the Lord. The Holy Spirit works with me through these lessons to be completely transformed. The Holy Spirit helps me to stop viewing life from the world's perspective, and instead to view and live life from God's perspective.

When someone becomes a Christian and makes the choice to surrender to the Lord, that doesn’t mean it will all be easy from there. Without these lessons and learning who God is, and how to view life through God's lens, I think I would have let the hard times drag me back down the rabbit hole.

I'll admit, there was a time during these last couple years where I did let that happen, even with the knowledge and understanding I had gained through our discipleship lessons.

But the difference was that I KNEW what needed to happen; I KNEW I needed to trust in God; I KNEW I needed to give the situation to Him and to pray to Him and let Him take over. I was just too stubborn at the time to do it. I knew my spiritual mentor was out there the whole time praying for me, and that made such a difference in my decision to let go and to give this situation to the Lord. Almost every single time we met, that particular lesson related to something I was going through at the time.

I also texted my spiritual mentor about many different things, whether I needed prayer, had questions about the Bible or something in the lessons, or just questions about the faith in general. When we got together we would talk about tragedies, hard times, happy times, family, friends and coworkers who need prayer. We built up such a trusting relationship that I was and still am able to share just about anything with her, and I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Several months ago I finished Phase 1 of the discipleship lessons with my spiritual mentor, Vanji. It took about two years! We will soon be starting on Phase 2 of the lessons, which will prepare me to become a discipler, as well.