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DTI is a 501(c)3 ministry providing free discipleship
resources for training disciplers to disciple others



Q & A With DTI

| Frank Meitz


Below are five common questions we receive and the answers and resources we provide to help you implement a vibrant discipleship culture in your church.

1. How can I start a DTI ministry in my church?

At our website there are articles that give steps for implementing personal discipleship in a church or other location. Please spend time becoming familiar with the website materials, and if you still have questions regarding implementation, contact us. You may want to begin at the Quick Start tab.

2. Will DTI support me to teach others in my church or location?

Our ministry is not a Foundation, but rather a faith ministry. In other words, we have to prayerfully look to the Lord for our needs, in the same way other ministries do.

All our discipleship materials are offered free of charge and can be reproduced and distributed. We do not have funds to meet the needs of the multiple ministries that have solicited funds from us. We do not present our personal needs to others, but to Him who watches over us and provides for His work.

3. Will DTI travel to my church or location to see our work to correct what we can't do?

In the past we have made ministry trips to several countries, and are always open to His direction, knowing He will provide the funds if it is His will. We do not maintain travel funds to visit other countries.

4. Can DTI conduct a general discipleship training workshop once a year in my church or location?

Biblical discipleship is a slow process, but it is very fruitful for those that are willing to wait upon Him to change lives. A brief workshop is not the best setting, unless there is extended follow-up afterwards.

As you will read in our Redefining Discipleship document it is best to start with a small group of “faithful” believers who can be trained as “disciplers” (in about 6 months or so). The believers will in turn begin to disciple others, who will disciple others (2 Timothy: 2:2). Your main responsibility will be to oversee the process, not to carry all the ministry load by yourself.

Additionally, on the Mentor Training section of our website is an abundance of teaching and training tools that will help you implement and effective discipleship in your church.

5. What are DTI’s intentions if you accept my partnership?

Our main intention is to provide free online discipleship materials that will guide you in the implementation process, and provide all the believers teachings that they can use to help others believers to grow in their personal relationship with Him, in order to be used by Him for His purposes. (Colossians 1:28-29)