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Mentoring Mondays Session #3 Lesson 1-2

In Session #3 we discuss the five components of Lesson 1-2, Knowing God.

 Below are the video recordings for this session.The topics discussed are:

  • Analogy of "Building a House" when mentoring using the DTI lessons 
  • His Perspective - My Perspectice of Life
  • My Attitude
  • God's Word
  • Prayer
  • Gathering with other Believers

Watch the video below to follow-along. The last video is the break-out discussion facilitated by Frank

Click here to open the PDF Session 3 handout.

Mentoring Mondays 1-2 Point 1 His Perspective - My Perspective of Life Part 1 (13:47 min.)


Mentoring Mondays 1-2 Point 2 My Attitude (1:14 min.)


Mentoring Mondays 1-2 Point 3 God's Word (6:24 min.)


Mentoring Mondays 1-2 Point 4 Prayer: Conversing With God (4:13 min.)


Mentoring Mondays 1-2 Point 5 Gathering with Other Believers (5:23 min.)


Spiritual Mentoring Mondays #3 Breakout Group discussion (38:25 min.)

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