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Mentoring Mondays Session #5 Lessons 1-4 & 5

In Session #5 we discuss The Spiritual Anatomy of a Christian and God's Character. This lesson is a transition lesson.

Below are the video recordings for this session.The topics discussed are:

  • The contrast between the way God created humans and every other creature in this physical world
  • The components of spirit, soul and body that makeup a believer
  • God's Character
  • Satan's Strategy
  • The Bible is a revelation of God's Character
  • The Importance of sharing your "God's Character Testimony" with a new believer

Watch the videos below to follow-along. The last video is the break-out discussion facilitated by Frank & Jeannette

Click here to open the PDF Session 5 Break-out handout.


Mentoring Mondays Lesson 1-4 The Contrast Between Humans and the Entire Animal Kingdom (3:28 min.)


Mentoring Mondays Lesson 1-4 Our Spirit, Soul and Body (6:26 min.)


Mentoring Mondays Lesson 1-5 Trusting God's Character and Satan's Strategy (7:31 min.)


Mentoring Mondays Lesson 1-5 The Bible Reveals God's Character (5:23 min.)


Spiritual Mentoring Mondays #5 Breakout Group Discussion (28:26 min.)

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